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 our concept, read this second
The Sorting Hat
 Posted: Aug 28 2012, 06:03 PM

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Your favorite Harry Potter character is dead.

They died. And so did all their little friends and enemies. In fact, everyone died-- and not in a sad, dramatic way, either. Old age got most of them, as that's what happens when the wizarding world has moved past Harry Potter's time by about three centuries.

The wizarding world has moved on from the events that happened at Hogwarts when Harry Potter attended school there. The name Voldemort is spoken without fear and is only seen in history books. Dumbledore is just another old geezer hanging on the Headmaster's wall. And Harry Potter is just another face on just another a chocolate frog card, his caption reading, "Famous for his defeat of the dark wizard Voldemort." A new world awaits.

Just Another Chocolate Frog Card offers you the chance to explore and expand Rowling's world with original characters in a present-day, UK-based setting. We are a wizarding world roleplay that focuses on the adult wizarding world, and therefore we do not allow student characters. You may, however, use the past or AU forums to play any adult characters as students.
There was a Dark Lord named Voldemort, a boy named Harry Potter, and a prophecy concerning the two. There was a war, a house-elf named Dobby, a ginger kid who actually got the girl, a prisoner who should've been set free, and once there was even a troll in the dungeons. But in this timeline, all these things happened in the far-flung past. Few remember the details and even fewer care to remember... unless they're about to sit for a History of Magic exam.

In our alternate timeline, all the events of the Harry Potter books took place, but we've shoved them into the past by about three hundred years and set our roleplay in the present day. Why? Because we want free reign of Rowling's magical world. We want the ability to explore the Potterverse with our own original characters. We want to build our own site canon, with Hogsmeade shops and Ministry officials of our own invention. We want the world we all fell in love with, on our terms.

For the sake of making things simple, we assume that present-day Potterverse looks much like it did in the original timeline of the Harry Potter books. The only difference is that all the characters you knew and their descendants have died off to make way for our own characters. Our goal is to provide a setting with both familiarity and the potential for new adventures!

In the wizarding world, a few things have changed. Some landmarks have withstood the test of time, while others have faded. Blood purity has become more difficult to maintain and so pureblood families have become very rare, as most families have had a few halfbloods and muggles slipped into their family trees just to keep it alive. Because of this lack of true purebloods, blood purist activity has reached an all-time low. Unfortunately, many of the old prejudices remain against other magical folk, such as werewolves and vampires. You can read more about the mechanics of JACFC's setting in the FAQ.
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