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 site rules, read this third
The Sorting Hat
 Posted: Aug 28 2012, 06:03 PM

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the community
KEEP IT KIND. JACFC strives to be a positive, supportive community. We expect everyone to be polite and respectful at all times. Be patient and remember that everyone has flaws and bad days. Please don't argue with admins, and please make an effort to be friendly and welcoming to new members and guests.
KEEP IT CLASSY. JACFC permits mature content and does not accept writers under the age of 18. We have no content restrictions to allow our members the utmost creative freedom. However, we ask that you always write with tact and respect. Additionally, JACFC requires the use of content warning tags (denoted by [cw] appended to thread titles) for certain content that may be harmful to others. Read our full expectations regarding mature content HERE.
KEEP IT ACTIVE. We want JACFC to thrive, and we want to cater to both dedicated daily roleplayers as well as busy weekend writers. We've developed a strategic activity policy to facilitate this.

To keep your account from being deleted, you must be active once every three months. Activity is defined as any contribution to the forum: a post in an IC thread, a reply in a plot ad, a response in the gif game, etc. To keep your claims and active status, we require activity at least once every two weeks. After two weeks, your claims may be snatched up by others. We won't delete your account and you won't have to reapply, but we won't stop a more active player from making better use of your claims. Finally, we ask that you apply with a new character only when you are present (no absence notice posted), have all characters in active status, and have involved existing characters in at least one IC thread.

More detail about the activity policy can be found in the FAQ.
KEEP IT SIMPLE. We don't want to crush your creativity, but we would like to nudge it toward writing rather hunting for templates. As such, we have provided some TEMPLATES that you must use if you wish to use doHTML templates on site. Avatars are required, must be 200x300px, and may not be gifs. Signatures are not permitted.
the writing
KEEP IT QUALITY. We don't want to see any godmoding, power-playing, chatspeak, plagiarizing, or spamming in IC threads. Use correct grammar, capitalization, and spelling. This is a site designed for experienced writers who value quality, so these things are expected of all members at all times, though we certainly don't expect perfection! Additionally, this board is written in third person, past tense.

When it comes to post length, do whatever you like, whether it's a rapid-fire thread with short posts or a slower thread with novella posts. If you haven't communicated with your partner(s) about posting, assume approximate mirroring. If you want to do something else, simply communicate with your partner to ensure that everyone is comfortable and enjoying themselves. Whatever works for all writers involved is fine with us! In general, our members are flexible with partners and vary post length throughout a thread, based on what the action calls for.
KEEP IT ORIGINAL. The concept of JACFC is that it is canonless and is a place where writers who love Rowling's work can explore, expand, and enjoy the world she created with their own original characters. Site canon dictates that all the characters from the books and their relatives have died, and your character may not be distantly related to these characters, either. Book-based groups like the Death Eaters and Order of the Phoenix are also long gone. See the FAQ for more.
KEEP IT REALISTIC. Be realistic with your characters. Recognize that they have flaws and limitations. Please stick to the fundamentals of the Potter universe (no wandless magic, no pet dragons, etc.). If you have a question about canon, just ask staff! To keep things realistic, professors and Ministry department heads should be at least 30 years old. Thanks to continuing prejudices, non-human characters face difficulty securing employment. If you want to know more about site canon and restrictions on non-human characters, then head on over to our bestiary.

Please choose a realistic playby. We use a 5+/5- year guideline. If your character should look especially youthful or aged for specific reasons, or you think your playby can realistically play a different age range, PM the admin to seek approval before applying. Admins will evaluate such playbys on an individual basis, so please do not consider the 5-year guideline a guaranteed acceptance or an insurmountable barrier. Additionally, you must use a playby who is an established actor, model, or musician. This means models must be signed. Do not use photos of yourself or of deviantart, flickr, modelmayhem, youtube, tumblr, etc. users. Finally, we would love to see some diversity in playbys.
KEEP IT LEGIT. Register in standard capitalization with the character's first and last name (i.e., Harry Potter). Register with the name that your character will use IC and that you will use OOC when referring to the character (i.e., "Ron Weasley" rather than "Ronald Weasley"). Use the search function in the member list to ensure that you choose a unique character name, both first and last. You have five days to complete your application once it is posted in the "incomplete" section.
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