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The Sorting Hat
 Posted: Aug 28 2012, 06:01 PM

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JACFC offers eight different usergroups for your character. When completing an application, you must select one of these groups for the "usergroup" field. We've explained each group below, but if you need further assistance, please post in the Q&A forum.
There are many adults who work at Hogwarts in various important roles. This usergroup includes but is not limited to professors, nurses, and caretakers. Check the wizarding world claims to see what positions are available, and remember that staff should be qualified for a job at a premiere school. Professors must be over 30.

Please also note that students are not permitted at JACFC at this time and are thus intentionally omitted from all descriptions here. You may not apply for a student under the "other" usergroup or any other usergroup. Please see the FAQ for more information.
The Ministry of Magic employs individuals in a variety of departments and ranks within them. We recommend that you check the HP wiki to see the many possibilities. If you're considering a character in law enforcement, be sure you read our FAQ about law enforcement careers.
St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries is the finest wizarding hospital in Britain. Those who work here include healers of several ranks (head healers, healers-in-charge, and trainees), but also researchers, administrators, welcome witches, and orderlies.
The wizarding world has a diverse sporting world. This group includes but is not limited to professional quidditch players and coaches, referees, wizard's chess masters, quodpot players, winged horse jockeys, and commentators for every sport imaginable. The quidditch teams available to join are the Appleby Arrows, the Pride of Portree, the Kenmare Kestrels and the Holyhead Harpies.
This usergroup is for those who own or work in some form of business. Characters who belong in this usergroup include shop owners, bartenders, day traders, cursebreakers employed by Gringotts, and even that hag who sells toenails in Knockturn.
This usergroup includes characters involved in journalism (such as at the Daily Prophet or radio shows on the Wizarding Wireless Network or even publications of your own invention) and characters who produce media as artists, designers, authors, and musicians.
This usergroup has immense breadth and should be used for any other wizarding citizen who does not fit into one of the above categories. They could hold any other magical job you can dream up (like a sword-swallower, a linguist, or an inventor) or not have a job at all (yay hobos!), or hold a job within the muggle world.
This usergroup is for any character who does not fit elsewhere. The most common example is a muggle or squib, which we do allow but which can be very limiting to play. Please note that werewolves and vampires are typically "wizarding citizens" unless they are employed elsewhere, in which case they would be a "shop employee" or whatever else applies.
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